Tuesday, June 15, 2010

new digs

Here's a few candid shots of my new digs. I'm liking it so far. T is adjusting. Slowly. She wasn't much for the camera today so I'll get her some other time. She spends most of her time in my bathroom/closet, about 18 inches from her food. Typical T.
netflix on ps3 = my new bestie.

living. loving.

view from my room.

view from the livingroom.


kitchen. love.

bathroom. try to disregard the big ugly green trunk.


  1. When I grow up, I want digs like these! Currently have 'way too many ugly green trunk things. . .

  2. Nice place Erin. I'm sure your cat likes all the natural sunlight.

  3. Hi Erin, this is Gemmine from Apartment Therapy. Is this the Metropole? We looked today and LOVE it. We're looking at a 1-BR in the Tower side. Review-wise a lot of people complain about crime there; has this been an issue for you? Thanks for your Plaza guide, it was a real help!