Wednesday, June 23, 2010

heat & oysters

So, this past Saturday, James and I couldn't agree on where to eat lunch. He really wanted tacos from La Tapatia and I really wanted a burger from Barnaby's (clearly the better choice). We decided neither of us would get what we wanted so we went to his friend Mark's fish shop and bought a bunch of oysters to go fry up at Lizzard's. Not Barnaby's but still a good decision, or so we thought. We get to the bar with the oysters and all the accouterments (corn meal, Tony's, oil) and James immediately breaks the cord on the fryer. No big deal, right? So we go down the street to Bed, Bath & Ridiculous to buy a new one and all they have a is a super huge one that's way over priced. Then we go to Costco. I'd been thinking about getting a membership anyway, especially because it's right down the street from my house. And who doesn't like to buy things in bulk? Like 400 rolls of toilet paper, who wouldn't want that? So they let us look around before I decide on a membership, good thing because they were out of fryers, of course. Why wouldn't they be? So finally he convinces me we should go to Walmart. My nemesis. I really hate supporting that company. But of course, they had one and for a good price. I refused to go inside, so just waited in the car where it was 105 degrees. Yes, I'd rather sit in ungodly heat then go into that store.
So after that whole fiasco the oysters came out great. After all, I did have an excellent fry cook :)

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  1. Sounds like a grrrrrrreat Saturday! My jaw dropped at the thought of youuuuuu walking into Walmart!!! So proud of you for resisting temptation ;) (Let's do Barnaby's this weekend??)