Wednesday, June 23, 2010

fat cat

I introduce to fat cat, T. This is what she is doing 99% of the time; hence the fatness. She is on diet food, but she's only lost 1/2 a pound in the last year and a half. I tell her she is 'well rounded'. She's my favorite.

Here she is on my bed. As you can see I have some things up against the wall I have yet to hang. Though I am pretty impressed with my hanging thus far. I've usually hung very little in past apartments. Something about this one made me just do it. Maybe it's because I feel more like a grown up with things on the walls, idk. So anyway I have these aqua shutters my dad found in my grandpa's garage. They are kinda grungy, in a good way, worn down to the wood in some places and nicely weathered. I'd planned on hanging them on a wall just like they are but...they don't really go with the neutral/ non-color scheme of my room. I could make them go with a simple coat of paint, but then I'd loose their grungy quality, which defeats the purpose. And no, I will not do the faux grunge thing. Absolutely not. So this means I have to plan a whole room around their washed out aqua color? Suggestions are welcome. And then I have these 2 antique-y looking paintings of a typewriter and an old telephone. I want to put them on the wall above my desk but I've basically been too lazy lately to get them up there. They're framed in metal, like cast iron or something else obnoxiously heavy, so thats my real excuse. I need more sheetrock anchor thingys, yeah that's it. Also I've been thinking about cutting out a matte white vinyl silhouette of a chandelier to put above my bed. Good idea? Or overplayed? I really like the idea of the matte white vinyl on the barely tan wall with white fluffy bedding. I'm just not sure about the whole chandelier thing. And then theres the part about getting something that massive and fragile straight and on to the wall. Thoughts?

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  1. Keep the shutters as is! Maybe a narrow aqua liner mat for the photos? Or some other tiny aqua touches to tie in. How about a tray with neutral river rocks and one aqua thing - a rock, a marble, a bird egg - off-center, of course . . . Like the chandelier idea. Perch an aqua bird shape on one arm?
    Judy, just rambling from EdWa!