Wednesday, June 23, 2010

grocery vlog

My friends from school Joanna and Marcia invited me to be in a video blog for AIGA Houston. Joanna thought we could go through a grocery store and critique packaging designs. So fun! And right up my ally. Here's a few pics of my favorite packaging of the day. The vlog itself is still being worked on, cutting and editing and whatnot, might have to film some more. I'll update this when it's posted to their site. Marcia is now in Switzerland for three months (lucky), so additional filming could pose a problem. Maybe we'll just have to go there and see her. Yes, that is the only feasible solution.

p.s. Dry lavender soda is phenomenal in the Fleur-De-Lis Martini at Hearsay downtown. You must go. And while you're there go ahead and try their Gin-Gin Mule. Hendricks Gin, Lime, Mint, Ginger beer. Yes, please.
I loved the feel of this soft matte plastic, by king soba. Gone are the days when is everything packaged in slick shiny plastic. Now the cool kid's packaging is matte plastic with matte printing. Nice.

heat & oysters

So, this past Saturday, James and I couldn't agree on where to eat lunch. He really wanted tacos from La Tapatia and I really wanted a burger from Barnaby's (clearly the better choice). We decided neither of us would get what we wanted so we went to his friend Mark's fish shop and bought a bunch of oysters to go fry up at Lizzard's. Not Barnaby's but still a good decision, or so we thought. We get to the bar with the oysters and all the accouterments (corn meal, Tony's, oil) and James immediately breaks the cord on the fryer. No big deal, right? So we go down the street to Bed, Bath & Ridiculous to buy a new one and all they have a is a super huge one that's way over priced. Then we go to Costco. I'd been thinking about getting a membership anyway, especially because it's right down the street from my house. And who doesn't like to buy things in bulk? Like 400 rolls of toilet paper, who wouldn't want that? So they let us look around before I decide on a membership, good thing because they were out of fryers, of course. Why wouldn't they be? So finally he convinces me we should go to Walmart. My nemesis. I really hate supporting that company. But of course, they had one and for a good price. I refused to go inside, so just waited in the car where it was 105 degrees. Yes, I'd rather sit in ungodly heat then go into that store.
So after that whole fiasco the oysters came out great. After all, I did have an excellent fry cook :)


Annabell, aka AB, is a friend of mine's dog. My roommate and I watch her periodically when her parents go out of town. She is the bees' knees. We had her again this weekend so I thought her cuteness deserved a post. This first pic was the first time we watched her, she'd just had a hair cut. Cute.
This is when we had her Father's Day weekend. She's like a kid, sleeps the whole way in the car.
This is was few weeks ago. It was her 5th Birthday. OMG. I'm obsessed.

fat cat

I introduce to fat cat, T. This is what she is doing 99% of the time; hence the fatness. She is on diet food, but she's only lost 1/2 a pound in the last year and a half. I tell her she is 'well rounded'. She's my favorite.

Here she is on my bed. As you can see I have some things up against the wall I have yet to hang. Though I am pretty impressed with my hanging thus far. I've usually hung very little in past apartments. Something about this one made me just do it. Maybe it's because I feel more like a grown up with things on the walls, idk. So anyway I have these aqua shutters my dad found in my grandpa's garage. They are kinda grungy, in a good way, worn down to the wood in some places and nicely weathered. I'd planned on hanging them on a wall just like they are but...they don't really go with the neutral/ non-color scheme of my room. I could make them go with a simple coat of paint, but then I'd loose their grungy quality, which defeats the purpose. And no, I will not do the faux grunge thing. Absolutely not. So this means I have to plan a whole room around their washed out aqua color? Suggestions are welcome. And then I have these 2 antique-y looking paintings of a typewriter and an old telephone. I want to put them on the wall above my desk but I've basically been too lazy lately to get them up there. They're framed in metal, like cast iron or something else obnoxiously heavy, so thats my real excuse. I need more sheetrock anchor thingys, yeah that's it. Also I've been thinking about cutting out a matte white vinyl silhouette of a chandelier to put above my bed. Good idea? Or overplayed? I really like the idea of the matte white vinyl on the barely tan wall with white fluffy bedding. I'm just not sure about the whole chandelier thing. And then theres the part about getting something that massive and fragile straight and on to the wall. Thoughts?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

new digs

Here's a few candid shots of my new digs. I'm liking it so far. T is adjusting. Slowly. She wasn't much for the camera today so I'll get her some other time. She spends most of her time in my bathroom/closet, about 18 inches from her food. Typical T.
netflix on ps3 = my new bestie.

living. loving.

view from my room.

view from the livingroom.


kitchen. love.

bathroom. try to disregard the big ugly green trunk.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

graduation + crawfish

Ok, but really this blog will usually be about interesting design things and such but for right now I just want to get any friends and fam caught up with anything they might have missed in the last few months. And also for my own historical purposes. I'm so forgetful. I should work on that. So, here I am graduating. This is most of my class. We're missing Jenny, Ada, Anna, and Kyra :( But you get the idea. There was black robes and funny hats, people walked, people cheered, and then there were pictures.

University of Houston. Graphic Communications. Class of 2010.
This photo was followed by a hat toss. We decided this must be done because no one did it at our ceremony. We were told not to throw our hats just before entering the stadium. And everyone actually listened. Kids sure are lame these days.
The end of the alphabet is where it's at. Fo sho.
The next day crawfish boil at Lizzard's. Good times.
Always so great to see old friends. So glad yall made it out.

Classmates I'll miss terribly.
And this is why.
My amazingly handsome bf.
Results in a holding pattern.

Art Car Parade

A favorite local event of mine, the Art Car Parade. This year I got to bring Cheryl and my Uncle Dave, just so happened they were in town at the time. Uncle Dave seemed happy/surprised to see that Houston has its share of interesting folks. They're not all in San Fran I guess...

My personal favorite.


So here's a quick run through of my senior show. I took this video just before the masses arrived. And also some pics of my entourage and I. The show turned out well, had the best time. I'm so thankful that so many of my friends were able to stop by and see my work. I'm kinda sad that it is all over. Even with all of the all-nighters and stress I would do it all again in a heart beat.

My favorite girls!

My favorite boy, James, molesting my mom.

My bestie and I.

Cheryl and Uncle Dave...all the way from San Fran!

My parents. This moment captures so much about our family.
What is my Dad doing? Who knows...